Going to start this chain of blog posts where I start to include some of the money habits which I think are unnecessary and completely within our control to break. I may add more habits as I go along and encounter some of them, but here are the first 3 that I’ve been working on. While I hope they don’t apply to you, I hope that you may find some of them useful.

(Image source: http://www.womansday.com/life/work-money/tips/a6793/bad-money-habits/)

Keeping a balance on your credit card

According to MAS, Singaporeans collectively have around $5.4 billion in rollover balances. This is an increase from 2010 when that number was mostly kept below $4 billion. To put this into perspective, this would mean $1,000 of rollover balance each year for each man, woman and child (inclusive of foreign workers and PRs). Since this amount hovers around a similar figure for most of the …