I was reading “The Edge Magazine” over the weekend and come across an article detailing the speech of Mr. Liew Mun Leong to some 400 NUS graduates. Mr. Liew is the current chairman of Changi Airport Group and ex-CEO of CapitaLand. He is rated one of the most successful CEO in this region. In 2000, he became the founding President and CEO of CapitaLand limited(merger between Pidemco & DBS Land), and later built it into one of Asia’s largest Real Estate Companies.

For more about Mr. Liew Mun Leong, refer to here and here.

I had extracted key points of the article as follows, which summarizes Mr. Liew’s advice in career and life for young graduates.

Build Your Core Competencies

“Choose the first job to develop your core competencies in order to build something solid on which you can develop a recognizable strong foundation.”

“Don’t immediately …