I cut loss on my wife’s SRS position in Sembcorp on Wednesday when the $3.80 support gave way.

It is always good to do a recap on my investments to see what went right and what went wrong.

Let’s do it on the pictorial view. Easier for everyone.
I bought the position in March with a stipulated cut loss around ~$4 thereabouts. The post is here.
A few mistakes made that i can usually avoid for trading but can’t seemed to be able to avoid it for a longer term holding position.
  1. Letting a profit of 9% turned into a loss. In trading – i would be moving my stops up pretty closely and it will take me out automatically.
  2. I never cut loss when it broke $4. Again, violating my own stipulated principles ^_^
  3. Finally did it at when $3.80 gives way realizing a loss of around …