The fifth “Evening with AK and friends” was lots of fun, I thought.

For the first time, we had slides! Christopher Tan from Providend Ltd, the good people who brought us DIY Insurance, talked about CPF Life and Medishield Life and he used slides. Don’t look at me, AK doesn’t know how to use slides hor.

The audience was a bit shy. So, after the presentation by Chris which took about 45 minutes, I fired the first salvo as to how we can make use of the CPF to help us plan for retirement adequacy. Of course, this is something I have blogged about before many times but it is good to have affirmation from someone from the CPF Advisory Committee.

AK shaking hands with Chris.

There were also questions regarding insurance. I remember one on H&S and whether it is sensible to save money on H&S in our early years and …