Did a quick check on the list of Singapore Stocks using the Google Finance Stock Screener. Trying to look for high growth stocks with low or no debt.

  • Basically my criteria is as follows:
  • A min 5 yrs EPS growth rate of 7 (this is quite controversial – would be better if it is 10) .
  • Current ratio of more than 1.5.
  • Total debt / equity of less than 15%.
  • Return on equity (5 yrs average) of min. 18%
  • Return on assets of min 14%

The results (see below):

I currently own the shares of 4 of these companies (highlighted in yellow).

Vicom would not be in this list if I did not lower min 5 yrs EPS growth rate to 7. In addition, Super Group would also be not in this list if I raise the bar for Net Profit Margin to min 15%…