Even in this small island Singapore, the amount of credit cards available to one is staggering. For instance, UOB alone provides up to 16 types of credit cards! (I seriously wonder if UOB has ever granted these 16 cards to one individual.) And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are up to 100 different credit cards to choose from in the local market. 

Visa, MasterCard & Amex! I wanna own them all?

And seriously, I doubt there is a “best credit card” strategy out there, despite what many credit card experts say. In my view, a lot depends on:

  1. Which cards you can qualify for
  2. Expenditure patterns
  3. Type of rewards you desire
  4. Effort to track spending and card rewards

Since the My 15HWW household THINKS that we charge quite a bit of grocery expenditure and restaurant visits to our credit card, and that we prefer cashback rewards …