Mention F&N and what comes to mind are its name sake beverages & 100Plus. But did you know the publishing of school textbooks, the very terror of our schooling years, is part of F&N’s business empire?

Overview of F&N

With the spinning off of its property arm in 2014, F&N is now left with three business segments – beverage, dairies and publishing

Its Beverage business involves the sale of its name sake beverages and 100 plus. Its business is not just constrained to Singapore but is in many ASEAN nations. It has 55.8% stakes in F&N Malaysia Berhad. Its dairies segment consists of a license with Nestle Group to manufacture and distribute Nestle’s food brands in ASEAN until 2027. In addition, F&N sells its own diaries brands such as F&N Milk and F&N teapot.

The last segment is its publishing arm which has exposure to Singapore, Australia and …