These days, very often, when readers ask me questions, I would direct them to my blog’s “Search” function found at the top of the blog. What? You didn’t know there is one?

Alamak, you must be reading my blog using your mobile phone all the time. The mobile friendly version of my blog shows the latest 5 blog posts and that’s about it.

Apart from the “Search” function, the full web version of my blog also has plenty of useful links in the left and right side bars. There are links to recommended blog posts, the latest news and comments, for examples.

Having said this, I would like to share an inspirational email from a new reader who made good use of the full web version of my blog over a short period of two months:

Questions? Use the “Search” function in my blog.

Dear AK, 
I was researching on insurance as I only have H&S and HPS plans …