Over the National Day long weekend, I attended a wedding dinner and a solemnization lunch.

It seems Singaporean Chinese couples have pretty much the same idea of an ‘ideal’ wedding.  Let’s call it the wedding template 1.0.

It starts months before the actual wedding with the bridal photoshoot.  It is now passé to have the photoshoot done at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.  The norm is to head overseas, with Taiwan being a popular spot.  One of my friends even opted for exotic Tibet.

Estimated Cost: $4,000 (incl. airfare & hotel)

On the morning of the wedding, it is customary to have the gatecrash.  The groom and his band of brothers ‘brave’ the challenges set by the bride and her sisters.  Think wacky games, horrible concoctions and mushy playacting.  The groom finally gains the approval of the sisters, but not without dishing out generous …