To start off this post, I would like t wish all teachers a happy Teachers’ Day. While we may always get along with all of my teachers and there are some that we really can’t stand, but we should thank them for the effort that they have put in :),

The market doesn’t seem too happy about it though, it’s declined for another week, with only one bright spot yesterday. It’s been relatively quiet compared to last week, but there are some news floating around that we should be paying some attention to.

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STI’s 3 new constituent shares

The STI is going to replace Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMH), Jardine Strategic Holdings (JSH) and Olam International with Yangzijiang (YZJ), UOL Group and SATS. This announcement may be the reason for the increase in the shares prices of the 3 companies today while the STI as a whole …