I realized that it has been more than two years since I blogged about my Lazy Man Investment Portfolio. Hence, with one ear on the election rally and with my favourite Asahi girl, I decided to tabulate my portfolio, crystallise my thoughts and hear from fellow bloggers and readers.

Asahi Girl Photo Credit: RocketNews24

My Lazy Man Portfolio 2015

I have 14 stocks now which is twice the number in 2013. Talk about being a lazy investor. However, most of my stock purchases or nibble happened only during the recent market correction. It may seem that I am nibbling a variety of stocks so let me categorize it:

Lazy Man Portfolio Percentage (%)
REITS, Trust, ETFs, Bonds 61%
Cash 33%
Speculative 4%
Commodity 2%

REITS, Trust, Bonds

My aim is to generate steady stream of income from my portfolio and my recent purchases include OUE Commerical REIT, Accordia Golf Trust and STI ETF. This is the core of my portfolio, and also the reason why I am able to sleep peacefully at night. Of course their prices also depend very much on the fundamentals and market sentiments but having gone through the Global Financial Crisis, I’m better prepared mentally.


I have been steadily increasing my warchest but I have yet to figure out when to use it. To keep my itchy fingers in check, I have decided to carve out a cash component to buy ‘cheap’ or speculative stocks.

Is the STI at 2,500 a good time to deploy the war chest?

Should I start a DCA on STI ETF?


More misses than hits here but at 4% of my portfolio, I’m not going to worry too much. I bought Maxi-cash cash at $0.63 and Sembcorp Marine at $2.80. MM2 Asia at $0.20 was a good punt though.

Should I sell off all my speculative stocks and divide them equally to my warchest and cash component?


I bought Sproott Physical Silver Trust because silver prices have been low for quite a while and I think it will continue to stay low. I know nuts about trading but Sprott Silver Trust seems like a good trading stock – buy at around US $5.50 and sell at US$5.90.

Should I accumulate more silver?

My lazy man portfolio is still well lazy. I am the buy and forget kind of ‘investor’ and I rely on the blogging community for updates. Nevertheless as a good blogger friend of mine always advocate, trust but verify.