• Carl Icahn is one of the richest investors with a net worth of US$21.2 billion. This is entirely self-made as he grew up in a middle class New York family.
  • He started his investment career as a stockbroker before starting his own firm. He made a vast fortune raiding companies with TWA as his highest profile victim.
  • After he made his fortune as a corporate raider, he became a relatively mild hedge fund activist and successfully persuaded Apple to execute share buybacks.
  • He is a hardworking contrarian who argued that Apple is worth $240 a share and the market has not factored in its massive growth potential. He is also bullish on oil during this oil plunge.

Carl Celian Icahn is one of the most successful and famous hedge fund investors in the world. Forbes estimated his net worth to be US$21.2 billion as of 31 August 2015