I have not vested interest, and I have explained why I sold here

Some of the reasons and assumptions I had are now clarified. Since I blogged about this before, I feel responsible to give an update and my view.

Reasons to sell had become reality.

1) Ringgit did depreciate quite badly
2) While credit rating did not take a hit, 1 MDB did turn for the worse

As for the Hanoi Mall, some of the assumptions turn out to be too pessimistic. See here

I assume 27 mio of rental compensation for a year, and perhaps 3 years of compensation to be given to landlord. In the Q4 results, the set aside 64 mio for the remaining 7 years lease, but claim that they will contest the claim for compensation if any. They also did a 8 mio impairment for Vietnam operations. Take out these impairment, PRA would almost …