The recent stock market crash is a good test for the faith of many investors. Should you buy stocks now at distressed price or should you “cut loss” and re-enter the market later?

What I am thinking now is, what would Warren Buffett, George Soros or Jim Rogers be doing now? What would Wee Ee Chao or Koh Wee Meng be doing now? What would GIC, Temasek Holdings or the professional traders be doing now?

Do you know that the wealth accumulated by the richest 1% people in the world will exceed that of the other 99% in 2016. You see, there are millions of ways to make millions. but why do the rich always become richer?

If you have read one of my earlier posts, you know high income does not guarantee financial success. The mistake most people make is to focus on saving instead of earning. The key of financial freedom …