I’ll be parking my “random thoughts” posts under this new Category in my blog. Seems like there are lots of these recently hahaha. Forgive my indulgence. If you’re not interested just skip through the Turtle talk posts.

This particular entry is partly inspired by my recent trip to the Land of Smiles, and partly by SMOL though I couldn’t exactly remember which post it was by him. Things just swirl in my head for days sometimes.

Anyway. If you are like most people, you probably own a plain looking luggage bag or two that’s rectangular in shape. Left alone, it can stand in an upright position on four wheels.

Well. I’m not like most people.

Odd Decision Number One

When my wife and I went shopping for our large-size luggage bags some years back, we picked matching ones that have reeeeeally bright colours. Not your typical black or grey, no no. …