It’s back to the norm in September without any travelling and much discretionary expenses. Just when I thought last month’s Net Savings rate was going to be my all-time record high, I’ve smashed it yet again this month, recording a 83.92% Net Savings rate in September. Booyah!

Transportation: $65.52

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) is up by 25% as I haven’t cycled much this month because to the haze. No point saving money and destroying my health in the process.

Food: $312.50

I’ve come to realise that when there’s an increase in the use of public transportation, food expenses increase in proportionally as well. It’s so easy to be lured into a restaurant on the way home!

Groceries: $85.13 

Grocery expenses is pretty close to my spendings in August. I didn’t manage to rein in my spendings here as planned, but lots of ingredients like …