This definitely isn’t a “planned” post.

Last Friday, after the haze had somewhat cleared up, I decided to perform some errands and travel around Singapore. After all, it’s Fare Free Friday! (And yes, it’s fun hopping around buses and MRTs when you don’t have to think about the costs.)

And interestingly, I ended up at Esplanade Library. It’s been close to half a year since I popped by this library. Coincidentally, it was Children’s Day and there was a workshop (SG50 /NLB 20 related?) where young kids were singing songs like Home. I was entertained while browsing around for movie titles.

And below is the stash for that day:

Seriously, why settle for DVD quality when you can easily treat yourself to Blue-Rays for free?! I know Blue-Rays are expensive, but so many titles are available to be borrowed for free in our local libraries!

Oldies like The …