I have mentioned delaying gratification and the pluses of doing so. Well, you know, here and there.

This is taken from a longer email by a reader:

My girlfriend saves money so that she can go travelling. I tried suggesting we should save money to invests for passive income but she argues that now if we don’t travel now, in the future we wont have time and money after being married and have kids.”

Alamak! Domestic squabble alert!

I actually said:

I don’t know how to answer your question regarding your disagreement with your girlfriend. The coldest thing I could say is to find a partner who shares your goals and beliefs. Yikes. You really have to sort this out yourself.”

I am terrible, I know.

Bad AK! Bad AK!
I like sharing the story about how Jim Rogers convinced his first wife when they were newly weds not to use her savings to …