I did a dividend projection in December 2014 for 2015 based on my holdings at that time, and the projected value was 7.8K.


With small monthly cash and dividends injections into the portfolio, I was thinking that perhaps an 8K dividend target was just too simple for me.

Therefore, I gave myself a stretch target of 9K.  I knew that a 9K target may be a bit overstretching without receiving help from some counters via special dividends.

My wish was granted as Boustead and Keppel InfraTrust both gave special dividends. (I treated the free Boustead Proj shares as special dividend from Boustead).

As of October, the total dividends collected for 2015 stands at $6,970.  Now, I may be counting chickens before they are hatched.  But as November and December are my 3rd and 4th best months (after May and August), I will …