The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently released the cut-off points for junior colleges in Singapore, and things got quite exciting after blogger Mr Brown wrote about how stressful the system has become.

This line, in particular, made me laugh.

So if you are a 100% A1 O Level student who represented your school in an international Maths Olympiad for your Maths Club CCA, plus a school swimmer who won an ASEAN games medal, while being extremely gifted in Higher Chinese, and hail from an elite secondary school, you will have no problem.
No pressure, kids and parents. No pressure at all.

Many were quick to criticize, citing PM Lee’s claim earlier this year that “all schools are good schools”.

While it is only common for parents to want their children to get into top JCs (or students to hope for the same), let me clarify that I concur with PM …