Yesterday was Friday again!

Following TGIF lunch break, Uncle8888 met his ex-colleague who went for “early” retirement in his late 40s due to poor health condition.

He is taking a break to see whether his irregular heartbeat is due to work-related stress or not. He then realized that not working is boring but working is stressful!

With his heart problem, he said he can’t really do much with his lots of spare time.

To do or Not to do also die!

He repeated a few times during lunch.  Health is Wealth!

BTW, he sold his investment property and 5 Rm HDB flat in Bishan and bought one condo for residential before deciding for an “early” retirement or taking a break.

Many financial and investment bloggers are talking about early retirement in their late 30s and 40s; but, not sure how many of them are truly prepared …