Read? Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early?

Auntie8888 has retired from full-time employee to stay-at-home-mum since 1995 to look after three kids after she decided to terminate domestic helper who was helping less than expected.

Once children have grown up and not messing up the house to create more household chores and no more taking care of children’s pets. Previously; home was a mini Zoo with rabbits, tortoise, birds, and marine fishes. All these pets were passed. None of the children wanted to keep pets anymore. Now only left with Auntie8888’s gardening.

With so less household chores and limited gardening activities to occupy  so much spare time, it is not easy to become full-time retiree.

She decided to work three half-day part-time per week and recently upgrade to four half-day part-time per week.

The Moral of Story

Do we really need more free time to do those …