Mmmm, news by CNA, the SkillsFuture course directory website is up!

So, what is SkillsFuture about? Here are some screenies to help you along so I don’t bastardize anything by opening up my mouth.

I am personally excited about using my SkillsFuture credit next year! I have written about some cool things that you can use the credits for, but I guess with the directory up, I will browse around a bit more and see if anything else is interesting.

Ideally, in the truest sense of what you SHOULD be using using your SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) for, it would be anything that is currently related to your current job. It should either improve on areas where you have trouble with, any areas you have been avoiding, or equip you with the skills to progress to the next level. For most people aged 25 and over, we already have …