I remember telling a friend who was disgruntled with the CPF that we don’t really have a choice. It is like being married and not liking our mother-in-law. We can kick our mother-in-law in the butt if we divorce our spouse. We can kick the CPF in the butt if we give up our citizenship. Fortunately, I rather like my mother-in-law, er, I mean, the CPF. Some might not have mandatory contributions to the CPF for various reasons and might wonder how the CPF fits in their lives?
Here is one example:

Dear AK

I accidentally came across your blog only this year, find it very sensible & rational. So, I took few weeks to read all your past articles since Day 1 (I think).

Need your advice or please to talk to yourselves

I’m a self-employed & have been doing max voluntary contribution to CPF …