By now, you might have known that I have set up and lead a group of Muslim financial consultants to promote cooperative insurance and shariah compliant funds in Singapore.

Many people thought that being a financial consultant is a very easy and glamorous job. Very flexible timing. You can work as and when you want. You are paid generous commissions. You get to travel all over the world for free.

It is further than the truth. What people don’t see is the hardwork. The rejections. The disappointment. The sacrifice. The failure, and persistency and willingness to get up back and move forward.

You fall, you rise up back.

You fall, you stand up again.

You fall, you bring yourself up to 2 feet and move forward again.

Step by step.

Just continue moving forward. Every single step counts. Move forward and build up your momentum.

One POWERFUL technique that I always share with my …