If not for my printer purchase, November would have been the most frugal month this year. I would have spent just $3,100, slightly below the $3,120 in January. Surprisingly, this coincides with the fact that I am finally a little busier as my tuition freelancing has sort of picked up. Maybe, less time to spend money?

So right now, I also know I can’t go below January’s expenditure since December is going to be a crazy spendy month with a couple of weddings, gift exchanges and of course, some nights of fun and partying!

Let’s bring on the season of giving and making merry! And in case you need some tips on how to save some money this month, check out this article with tips from many financial bloggers, including yours truly!

Eating Out: $744.20

Hawker ($252.60) – On a weekday with no cooking, both of us are …