Sean Cooper is a weird guy who did something weird.

While normal folks like us buy a house, we make a smaller down payment and take years to pay off our mortgage. For some people they will drag it out to 25-30 years for as long as possible.

For Sean, who lives in Canada, he bought a $425,000 house and took on a mortgage debt of $255,000.

He set himself a target to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible.

All it took him was 3 years to do that.

However, this involves a fair bit of sacrifice:

  1. He works as a $75,000/yr  full time analyst in a pension firm
  2. Concurrently, he works on weekends and evenings as a free lance financial writer
  3. Concurrently, he works as a $13/hr clerk in a meat department in a grocery store (note that he is a vegetarian)
  4. His home consist of 3 …