It is always very heart warming to receive thoughtfully written emails from readers and I would like to share another one here.
Hi AK, 

My name is C and I am Pig too (younger batch though).  :P  

I was introduced to your blog 2 months ago by a friend who is a avid stock trader/investor, a month before my birthday, hence I see it as a God-given birthday gift because it really is.  

I initially suspected his intention of pestering me to invest in shares since he has lost quite a sum of money in stock market (due to Ezra).  “Why would he pull me down the muddy water” I thought to myself before, as I have always been frugal and risk-averse (which means I am those kind that sitting on cash).   However I started to appreciate his intention after reading your blog posts and others (Tan Kin Lian and …