I can literally envision all you regular readers rolling your eyes at yet another “brainy” post and thinking: “Tacomob, haven’t you written more than enough about the brain already?  Isn’t there some other topic on your mind?”

Of course there is, and that’s why I am writing about our second brainthe one below our shoulders.

Ok, I know that that sounds absurd, but bear with me nonetheless.

Can you recall a situation where you were extremely happy, or in love, or both?  And how was that feeling?  Did you have butterflies in the brain, or in the stomach?

Situations like these demonstrate that there are processes in the vicinity of our stomach that impact our emotions.

But is the gastrointestinal area the only receiver of signals from the brain and does this area affect the processes in our brain?

How “smart” especially our intestines are, illustrates the large number of neurons that are located …