For you who are planning for retirement fund till eternity, bad news. My cousin passed away recently at 41 years old. Rest in peace…

Not to fret, our life expectancy are increasing:

Life Expectancy at Birth

195719701980199020122013201459.463.264.167.869.874.773.177.679.884.380.184.580.584.90102030405060708090100Age (Years)MaleFemale

*Data from 1980 onwards refer to the resident population.
Data for 2014 are preliminary.

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This reminds us that it is an art to live every day like it is your last, and plan your finance like you live forever. To learn this art is a lifelong journey.

Averagely, we are expected to live to >80 years old. Who knows how long our journey will be? Go chase your rainbow!