#1 Specialist Medical Practitioner — $13,952 – $27,632

Top of the salary mountain are the specialist medical practitioners. Saving lives and the gratitude of a patient turns out to be just but a few benefits of being a medical practitioner in Singapore. It is no wonder that students are striving for the opportunity to get a chance at a credible school of medicine. With the hours and hours of learning and the years of practice required to finally specialize, it is no wonder that the career path has such a tempting pay bracket.

The job though can be quite demanding and due to its 24-hour on call nature, you’ll have to sacrifice your life for the work in order to collect the financial benefits that come along with it.

#2 Commodities/ Derivatives Broker — $17,630 – $18,369

Brokers are another profession of people that can hold their own at an auction and …