The past weekend was really crazy and zoomed past like the speed of light! X’mas is traditionally quite busy for me with quite a few gatherings with friends and relatives. However, the advantage of being a freelancer these days is that weekday mornings are relatively quite chill and here I am, squeezing out a couple of hours on a Monday afternoon to do some writing and typing.

Last week, I watched my favourite movie Forest Gump (probably the 5th time I was watching it) again. And here’s the famous quote from that movie below:

Life might be unpredictable and not exactly within our control, but what we make out of that one life we have is a function of our choices. Afterall, Forest could have chosen not to eat any chocolates.

So here’s a review of the choices I made in 2015:


Somewhat unfortunately, the switch to become a school teacher didn’t exactly …