I have finished my portfolio review for the year and I want to compare it against the Index. I decided on a hypothetical scenario of buying 1 lot of STI ETF on 11 December 2006 (my first stock purchase). I will also include the dividends (source: SPDR website) in my XIRR calculation.

STI ETF XIRR 2007 to 2015

  2014 2015
XIRR: 4.16% 2.99%

Over a 9 year period my XIRR is just 2.99%. That could not be right.

STI ETF Performance Chart

Source: SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (ES3) performance chart

The performance chart also shows an annualized return of 3.07% with dividends. I am not sure how cumulative returns is calculated.

It would mean that anyone who buy a high yielding REIT would have easily beaten the index. In fact a retail bond or Fix Deposits with 3% or more would have also beaten the index.

I still think that I could have made a mistake in my calculation. Any sharp eye investor can point it out?

Update: 30 Dec 2015

Added 10 year XIRR calculation as of 31 October 2015 to compare against the 10 year NAV from SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (ES3) performance chart.

STI ETF XIRR - 31 Oct 2005 to 31 Oct 2015

6.99% XIRR is almost similar to 6.28% NAV.