The year 2015 is ending and we are soon welcoming 2016. I came across this interesting post (The 2015 Cheerfulegg Annual Review) and decided to do one similar. It is a quick and simple way of reflecting how I spent the year 2015. The original idea came from Chris Guillebeau on his blog post (How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review).

  • What went well
  • What did not go well
  • Planning for next year

What went well

A Job Promotion

Yes! I got promoted in my job this year. More responsibilities for me ahead.

Took an Investment Course

I was aggressively learning about stock investing this year. I paid and signed up for a 1 day investment course that teaches me all about investing for consistent and sustainable dividend. Many methodologies out there but oh yeah, I feel that this suits me.

Birth of My Sweet

It has …