I started a bucket list 2 years ago, inspired by the Kaileigh’s Bucket List story. Thought this is a beautiful way to remind ourselves that there are many things in life to experience besides the daily toil. This morning, I came across an interesting article http://www.wanderingearl.com/why-i-made-a-list-of-memorable-life-experiences-this-morning/ which once again reminds me the beauty of life experiences. However, I am running out of ideas for my bucketlist so thought would like to solicit for new ideas. Do you have a bucket list / life / travel experiences to share ? I would love to hear from you !


  1. Swing Rope at Laos Paradise
  2. Hot Air Ballooning At Cappadocia, Instanbul, Turkey
  3. See Turtles Hatching and Going Down to Sea
  4. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  5. Visit Alice in Wonderland Theme Restaurant in Tokyo
  6. Visit Argentinas Iguazu Falls
  7. Join a Tango Dance Class in Argentina
  8. Visit Uluru
  9. Try a …