After watching Ip Man 3 (The IT folks prefer to call it “I-P-Man”), I can understand why it overtook Star Wars VII at the local cinemas.

The plot is simple. The characters are largely familiar to build upon. The new villians are introduced gradually. The action sequences are great.

But I can’t understand the attempt at mandarin by our boxer man though. He’s as bad as Sylvester Stallone at english, let alone mandarin. Interesting distraction nonetheless.

And who can say anything against that great punchline: that in the end, the only thing important are the people close to you? Awww, definitely a handkerchief moment.

And we have that rickshaw man who is good, then evil, then schizo but somewhat righteous. There is hope yet with humanity.

And for the cameo lead-in to the next story, we have Bruce Lee being inserted into the story line.

In another universe, Ip Man …