This eBook project was initiated by Alvin from BigFatPurse who contacted me a few months ago to offer an alternative view on how one can invest their first $20K. In the original article, the experts shared that it is best to invest the first $20K in unit trusts and should only consider investing in stocks when you have a higher budget of $50K and above. I do not disagree with them as this is a safe approach but is this the only option? Will this help you the achieve your financial goals?

Everyone has different financial goals and risk appetites. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. I started dabbling in stocks with just $10K and the results were not very good. This is exactly what the experts warn against but I have no regrets because I learned many invaluable lessons along the way.

My contribution to the book project also aligns with my belief that the ordinary investors should have a stronger voice in the finance community. There are a total of 14 articles contributed from various bloggers of different walks of life.

The articles that you will find in this eBook:

1. First Thing First – Invest in yourselfBy Jared, SingaporeManOfLeisure

2. Finding Your Ideal Wealth Machine | By Keith, InvestmentMoats

3. The 80/20 Guide To Investing $20K | By Lionel Yeo, CheerfulEgg

4. Investing Your First $20,000 | By Kevin, TurtleInvestor

5. How To Participate In The Market With 20K (But Not Get Involved) | By La Papillion, BullyTheBear

6. Discovering The Path To Investing | By SGYI, SgYoungInvestment

7. How Would I Invest My First $20K Conservatively | By Richard Ng, InvestOpenly

8. If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail! | By Budget Babe, sgBudgetBabe

9. A Letter To My 24-Year-Old Self | By 15HWW, my15HourWorkWeek

10. My $20K Approach To Investing | By Brian, ForeverFinancialFreedom

11. How To Invest If I Have $20K | By Derek, TheFinance

12. Proposed Approach To Invest $20,000 For The Intermediate Investor | By Christopher Ng Wai Chung, GrowingYourTreeOfProsperity

13. $20,000 With 20 Stocks In 20 Months (The 20:20:20 Giraffe Approach) | By Giraffe, GiraffeValue

14. The Best Investment You Can Have With $20,000 | By Alvin, BigFatPurse

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