On the last week of 2015, Land Transport Authority (LTA) was calling everyone to “Give Your Car A Break” and take a free ride on the newly opened Downtown Line 2 (DTL2).

To show my support, I took a bus to the first station Bukit Panjang, then got on the DTL2 train that passed through twelve stations to the last stop Chinatown, while keeping check on the way the exact time to reach every station – just to confirm with SBS Transit’s saying that “It’s closer than you think”.

Four reasons why DTL2 makes us proud

In fact, DTL2 deserves everyone to take it seriously for four main reasons:

1. The investment

It costs a hefty $20.7 billion to build the whole downtown line which is significantly higher than an initial estimation of $12 billion.

2. The odds

LTA has overcome many obstacles to open DTL2 on schedule, including …