I try to be holistic in my approach to wealth building. So, ASSI is not about investing in the stock market per se, it is about personal finance in general. One topic that comes up pretty often is “retirement”.

All of us want a comfortable retirement. Who wants to be old and destitute?

Unfortunately, many people don’t plan for retirement and I do know a few myself. I also know a few who over-plan for retirement. Actually, I could be one such over-planner and I have been trying to moderate myself.

Hey, if a worrier like AK thinks you are over-planning, then, you are probably over-planning.

Anyway, an important part of retirement planning for Singaporeans is understanding how the CPF works and how we could be maxing out the benefits. These are benefits we could and should enjoy as Singaporeans.

The CPF is one of the very little welfare Singaporeans can get from …