When it comes to investing, I’m a relative “newbie”. I started only in 2012, and it is pretty funny when people assume that because I blog then I must be a stock market veteran or something like that.

Having said that, I do feel that my reaction towards the Greasy Bear (awesome name) is rather muted. It is during bad times when people start getting paranoid and second-guessing their decisions. Don’t succumb to it!

Rather than focus on your red numbers every day, take the time to chill and engage in non-finance related stuff. If not, read more and up-the-level of your investing skills!

Investment Realm

In the realm of investment, my primary focus is on index investing whereas my (small) secondary focus is on REITs. Well, we all have our own poison.

Till date, I haven’t written much about REITs but this year, I’m considering chipping in with a couple of short posts …