“Unless you are short stocks, 2016 is starting off to a rocky start” – Overheard on CNBC

Well, good thing I’m short stocks then!

We are off to a wild year this 2016.

Many people think that we’re in a minor correction and this is just a speed bump before we continue our ascent to even higher highs.

I mean, the US economy is recovering right?

Oil at $29 is a “subsidy to the consumer” is it not? Also doesn’t it reduce business transportation costs? The whole theme when Oil was dropping from over $100 to $50 was that lower oil is good for the economy. Since then, we have somehow flip flopped to lower oil is bad for the economy. Come on guys, make up your fucking mind. Is lower oil good or bad for the economy?!?!

Since a year ago, I’ve been in the camp that Oil …