A follow up of my post about my investment in education here.

This is not really like a special article, but just about changing to a job that pays more.

This is more of an article about myself on my reasons why I changed my job.

My school fees totaled to about 40k.

Do note that for simplicity, all earnings here here unless stated is post CPF deductions without income tax.

At my first post degree job at a local hospital institution in Singapore, at that time, I saved 1.4k a month, with a take home salary 2.4k/mth (on average) as I was eager to recover the cost of my education.

This calculates to about 36k p.a. gross income, about 24k p.a. net income, representing a Return on Investment of about 60% (the pros of salaried employees ;) ).

But at the same time,  I …