So I speculated over Chinese New Year (see What is it with Chinese New Year?), throwing good money over the wall, hoping to strike a million or two. Of course, I came away empty handed, again. Even with a couple of System-7 bets, I came away with only 3 pairs of hits. Not even the lowest of lowest prize. “Phooi”. As an old friend would have said, “Ka na sai!”

Oops, not supposed to say such things on Chinese New Year eh? If it’s any consolation, nobody came away a millionaire on Chinese New Year either. But that’s just equal misery. Not helpful.

The prize money has snowballed into a $7 million affair for the next draw on Thursday. Looks like another series of long snaking queues at Toto shops over the next few days. Shall I? Bad for productivity.

Just out of curiosity, where do all the …