Welcome to the World Of Negative Interest Rates!

The world is going to be a very different place. Since time immemorial, interest rate had been positive. This was very logical, at least to humanity. If we lend someone money, we are expected to be paid interest and at the end of the loan, we would get back the principal. No, that doesn’t work anymore. The new rule is if we lend someone very, very credible some money, we would pay this person interest for the privilege of lending him money. Sounds great yah for people like us who are very, very credible! Welcome to the world of negative interest rates.

How did this absurd logic happen?

Well, we need to trace back its origin to the Global Financial Crisis a.k.a. the GFC. It was always said that there were three parts to this trilogy. It started in the US with the expansion of sub-prime credit which …

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