This is a very special Chinese New Year for me.

For the first time, Millenials have come together to crowdsource the micro-aggressions that were thrown their way for this New Year. I think this is a very useful dataset which should excite any armchair social scientist like myself.

You can access it here.

I want to assert that micro-aggressions are the breakfast of champions !

Micro-aggressions encapsulate all the dreams and nightmares of Ethnic Chinese families in Singapore. Once you create a taxonomy around these micro-aggressions,  you will be able to find the Singapore Dream and the Singaporean Nightmare hidden within it.

Some readers may remember that I have written about a model called Colonel Blotto some time ago where I theorised that living in a competitive society is committing your time and energy into various “battlefields”. These “battlefield”s can be about getting workplace promotions, improving your social economic status, playing …