Last year was a rough patch in my work.I am not kidding when I said I contemplated quitting my job.
Now, I am feeling much better and would rate job satisfaction back to the long term average of 7 out of 10.So what have changed?

Nothing, the demands of the job are the same, maybe perhaps even more. What really changed is my mindset. With the change of my mindset, I did the following:

  1. Create more time by working at nights after my family go to bed and also on weekends when I visited my parents.
  2. Became more forgiving of myself. I told myself it’s ok to be the weakest manager in school, just keep improving and stick to my core values.
  3. Always asking how can I add value to the system
  4. Delegate more tasks to my able colleagues
  5. Happy that I can live by my own values …