I have been a full-time tutor for about three months and this is the “test season”. It’s such a busy period for me that I realise I could not free up any weekday evenings or weekend mornings/afternoons to accompany the Mrs.

Simply put, I do find it especially hard/difficult to reject anxious parents’ requests to add lessons during exam periods.

However, other than the fact that I would like to spend more time with my wife, I definitely don’t mind putting in more hours at work. Which is a far cry from my employment days.

I have finally realised that I don’t dislike working; Heck, I might even enjoy it!

It’s just the (typical) office culture that I cannot stand.

What’s Wrong With The Office?

Mandatory hours and days

It does not matter how quickly or efficiently you complete your tasks. Unless it’s a public holiday, you’re sick or on leave, you …