Psst – want to make extra income online?

Sorry Jared, I stole your line. I simply couldn’t resist it. I mean, such old school click bait strategy LOL! Not matter if it is Singapore or anywhere else in the world, everyone wants to earn passive income online. So much fun that I decide to make a post out of it. SMOL, see what you did now!

Instead of the usual pitch that internet marketers make e.g. shout “get rich quick for free”, everyone can do it, remind you of how life sucks, bombardment of success stories and testimonials etc, how about I do this in reverse order and fast forward through all the feel-good bullshit and see whether you will still take the bait?

Let’s Get Rich Quick?

Rise and shine! Waking up at 6:35am, that’s what champions are made of, isn’t it?

We start our day early. First …