So I decided to get some trading done.

I’ve been thinking more about investments in the recent weeks. However, I saw something that I thought might be worth checking out.

I’m looking to achieve a 10-15% return on my capital, and if it happens, then I’ll have something extra for the wallet and the ol’ portfolio.

I thought I’d get into SinoGrandness, a company most well-known for loquat juice. I’ve had some decent returns trading this stock in the past, and now, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put a few thousand into the pot again. I expect the stock price to cross 60 cents in the short-term. I believe this to be the case due to:

1) The Garden Fresh IPO is getting closer,
2) Their FY15 results showcase decent fundamentals, and
3) A deal was struck on their convertible bonds issue

 The company has products …