childcare fees – why so ex?


I was reading the ST today, then saw this article about childcare fees. At first glance, the figures didn’t mean much too me, but upon looking at it again, i realised what was wrong (not technically wrong, per se, but just jolted me)

Just looking at the graph below, the MONTHLY childcare fee is $1000, average? i was like… what!!!! my mind quickly worked out $12k per year..(ok ok , i know this is not exactly rocket science, even a kid at this $1k childcare should be able to mental sum faster than me)

i don’t have kids, so maybe i am not aware of these kiddy costs. and, probably not the right person to judge….. but 12k a year? that’s half my NTU tuition fees, donkey years ago. i don’t know how many years kids go to childcare, but if he/she goes for 2 years, that’s like a …

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